REGISTRATION FEE (including all taxes):

UAH 15,000 or $600 per participant

UAH 13,000 or $520 per each of two participants (delegation from the company)
UAH 10,000 or $400 per each participant escorting the contributor (delegation from the company)

Special proposition!

20% discount from the total value for regular participants* – UAH 12,000 or $480

30% discount from the total value for subscribers** of – UAH 10,500 or $420

* Representatives of the company participated in Transport Forums, previously held by “New projects of grain and oilseeds terminals in the ports of Ukraine 2015”, “Freight traffic on Dnieper River 2016” or  “Grain transportation and storage in Ukraine 2016 ”

** Subscription for one (or more) of information products issued by

 The registration fee includes admission to all sessions and events, conference documentation and handouts, on-line access to conference proceedings, coffee breaks between sessions, lunch, stand-up buffet.


  • The registration fee does not include accommodation costs and transfer expenses from the airport or railway station.
  • Discounts are not cumulative!
  • In case the registered delegate cancels his/her participation at the conference after February 9, 2018, the registration fee is not refundable. All requests for cancellation of registration shall be in writing.
  • The company may replace the delegates without any extra charges or penalties

 If the company is not able to attend the conference, but it is interested in the on-line access to the proceedings of the conference, please mark this off with a tick in the registration form. On-line access fee – UAH 5,000 UAH or $200

Registration is closed.